Good Afternoon My Lovely Followers,

Today I thought I would do a mini review on a product a just recently discovered. A few weeks ago I placed an oder on the Sephora website with some things I ran out of… until I was just about to check out and something caught my eye. Sephora just recently came out with there own brand of eye masks! I immediately clicked on the image to see what this was about. When I clicked on the picture I noticed that they had a bunch of different masks for everyones under eye concerns. There are a total of 8 masks that retail for 5 dollars each, not bad!

new mask

Green Tea Mask : Relaxing & Refreshing 

Lotus Eye Mask- Smoothing & Moisturizing 

Honey Eye Mask- Nourishing & Balancing 

Pomegranate Eye Mask- Fatigue & Energizing 

Lingzhi Eye Mask- Anti-aging & Smoothing

Ginseng Eye Mask- Toning & Revitalizing 

Pearl Eye Mask- Brightening & Perfecting

Rose Eye Mask- Brightening & Hydrating 

The one I picked up was the rose eye mask. I loved the hot pink packaging and the benefits it claimed to give. I decided to do this mask on a night that I really needed to relax. Lately my sleeping schedule is off, and this was the perfect pick me up.


As stated on the Sephora website these masks:

“Each of these masks is infused with a different active ingredient for relaxing the delicate skin around the eyes and achieving a brighter, more revitalized eye look. The fiber masks perfectly hug the small contours under the eye for better penetration of the active ingredients.”

Now when applying these mask you want to make sure your face is makeup free and you have clean skin. You want to remove the protective film that is attached to the mask and place them under each eye. You then want to leave the eye mask on for about 15 minutes then peel them off. After you take them off you want to pat the excess product into your skin. No rinsing is involved.

Okay, now time for my review! First off the packaging to this product is so darn cute! I love how each mask has it’s own color packaging which makes it fun. I loved all bright colors. When I first opened the mask the first thing I noticed was how wet each individual eye mask was. It was a little slippery getting them out of the packing but once I did I was good to go. I did exactly as the website said and pealed back the film attached to the mask and placed them under each my eyes. I was thinking that each eye mask was going to be relatively small but that is not the case. These under eye masks are huge, covering a good section of that under eye area! I didn’t mind at all though. I let them sit on my face as I watched some of my favorite Youtubers and shortly after I removed them. I patted the left over product underneath the eye area and waited until morning to see my results in more natural lighting.

eye mask

Now do I think this product is life changing, no…. but I did love how hydrated that area was the next morning. I didn’t see any dramatic changes but maybe if I use them once a week or more often I will start noticing better results.

Overall I liked the idea of these masks. I loved putting them on and just relaxing. I will definitely buy more of these in future when I feel I need something extra to help with those long weeks ahead of me.

Have any of you tried these masks? What did you think? Did you notice any changes? Let me know in the comments below, also stay turned for my collective Sephora haul coming in my next post! Hope everyone has a lovely rest of the day!